Sonic Pattern 2015 – Symposium

Berit Greinke and Alessandro Altavilla, at the first Sonic Pattern event in London, 2015

Electric WorksSheffield Digital Campus, Sheffield, S1 2BJ
10.30am – 5pm, Wednesday 17th June
Registration: £7 (£5 concessions)

See also the night programme, taking place at a different venue.

This event is the second edition of an ongoing series, exploring diverse viewpoints (weaving, knitting, live coding, mathematics, generative visuals/music, and digital making) on how sound, image and threads allow us to both sense the abstract and conceptualise the tactile. This second symposium will focus on code as live material, and material as coded form, exploring in new light thrown by artists and makers increasingly using code in their practice alongside other materials.

Seven speakers will address the theme from their different disciplinary perspectives, confirmed so far (in alphabetical order):

e130aTheo Burt – Batch Transformations and Euphoria
Burt makes extensive use of automatic processes in his audio/visual work, creating ambiguous and liminal situations that explore our urge to read narratives within even highly abstracted events and the contradictions this creates with our phenomenal experience. He will talk about his remix works for the Automatics Group, beginning with Summer Mix (2011, Entr’acte / Death of Rave), including offline processes, disrupted symbols and mass data generation/curation.

ATH Changing gaugeAmy Twigger Holroyd – Knitting/Numbers
Amy Twigger Holroyd is a designer, maker, researcher and writer. Through her craft fashion knitwear label, Keep & Share, she has explored the emerging field of fashion and sustainability since 2004. Amy will talk about the centrality of mathematics and number patterns to her knitting practice, from the design of fabrics and garments to an obsession with ratios which emerged while exploring the challenge of changing gauge as part of her PhD research.

11303457_10155586667610641_1982521504_n (1)Mattias Jones spots and draws patterns, including  tessellations, space filling curves and tiling patterns, by hand or via handmade robots. He often works in collaboration with psychologists, mathematicians and musicians, across multiple media.

Gemma Latham – Participatory Textiles
Gemma Latham is a participatory artist who expands and magnifies textile processes in the creation of installations and interventions, inviting the public to join in the making. Interested in capturing moments of flow, Gemma has been exploring code as a form of co-production in the interpretation of participants’ experiences during making.

11211895_10153082034362039_388972005_oDavid Littler is a sonic visual artist and curator. His work explores the connections between people, place, making, materials and sound. He is a founder member of the sonic arts collective sampler-cultureclash and has recently curated Yan Tan Tethera: songs of textilefolk in conjunction with the English Folk Dance and Song Society.

late-aprilSharon Mossbeck is a conceptual artist whose work focuses on themes of death and religion, often presented in a vibrant, hedonistic manner. Mossbeck works in a variety of media, including painting, sculpture using found objects and textiles. She is currently artist in resident at Bank St Arts in Sheffield, where she is working on a large scale sculptural piece using cross stitch methods and inspired by DNA patterns and Byzantine church domes.

IMG_20150408_105446Francesca Sargent is a researcher and technologist as part of FoAM Kernow in Falmouth, which collaborates on the Weaving Codes project with the University of Leeds and the Copenhagen Centre for Textile Research, including creating the Pattern Matrix for tangible weavecoding.

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Sonic Pattern and the Textility of Code is co-curated by Karen Gaskill, Crafts Council, and Alex McLean, University of Leeds.

Made possible through funding and support from Crafts Council, the University of Leeds, the CCI Exchange, the EPSRC Communities and Culture Network+ project “Inhabiting the Hack”, the AHRC Digital Transformations Weaving Codes, Coding Weaves project, and the support of Access Space, Electric Work, Danger Noise Audio and Sheffield Design Week.