Sonic Pattern and the Textility of Code 1


Our first event took place on the 13th May, 2014. Here follows the original blurb:

Sonic Pattern and the Textility of Code brings together diverse viewpoints on weaving, knitting, live coding, dyadic mathematics, generative music and digital making, in order to see how patterned sound and threads allow us to both sense the abstract and conceptualise the tactile. We will look for a rich view of technology as a meeting point of craft, culture and live experienceThe discussion will be lead by Bronac Ferran, Janis Jefferies, and David Toop, and practitioners include Alessandro Altavilla, Felicity Ford, Berit Grienke, Ellen Harlizius-Klück, Alex McLean and Becky Stewart.There will be audio-visual interludes through the day, including a screening of Ismini Samanidou and Scanner’s film Weave Waves, commissioned for the Sound Matters in 2013 by Crafts Council, and a short performance by Felicity Ford.The event will close with a live music performance from Leafcutter John, Matthew Yee-King and Alex McLean, exploring code, pattern and sound.

Curated by Karen Gaskill, Crafts Council.

A collaboration between the Crafts Council, ICSRiM (School of Music, University of Leeds), the Thursday Club (Goldsmiths), V&A Digital Futures and the Live Coding Research Network. Made possible through funding and support by theCrafts Council, Sound and Music, the Arts and Humanities Research Council and the Centre for Creative Collaboration.

Schedule of events

11 to 11.05am – Introduction
Karen Gaskill, Crafts Council

11.05am to 12.30pm – Interlude: Felicity Ford, Pattern
Moderator: David Toop, Felicity Ford and Alex McLean

12.30 to 1.15 Lunch

1.15 to 1.30pm – Screening: Weave Waves

1.30 to 3pm – Makers
Moderator: Bronac Ferran, RCA
Becky Stewart, Berit Greinke and Alessandro Altavilla

3 to 3.15pm Coffee

3.15 to 4.45pm – Machines
Moderator: Janis Jefferies, Goldsmiths
Ellen Harlizius-Klück, Centre for Textiles Research, Denmark and Sarah Angliss

4.45 to 5pm – Wrap up

5 to 6pm – Performance
Leafcutter John, Matthew Yee-King and Alex McLean

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